OEO 8th Annual Meeting

OEO Association 8th Annual Meeting

The 8th Annual Meeting of the OnviSource Equipment Owners Association was held in Dallas, Texas, April 4 – 6, 2016. This year’s theme was Transform Your Telephone Answering Service.

Day One

The Annual Meeting started off with a presentation from OEO member Danny Koester, followed by an open forum discussion among the OnviSource team and OEO members related to questions they had about their system, business, or service support.

Training and Open Forum Discussions

Annual Meeting Training and Open Forum

The end of the first day found attendees relaxing during a cocktail hour and dinner party at OnviSource’s CEO, Ray Naeini’s beautiful home.

OEO Social Event

OEO Social Event

There was plenty of good food and drinks and a surprise that generated lots of laughs – a caricature artist created a complimentary portrait for each association member. Below, Lisa Mills, OEO Board VP, poses for her caricature.

Lisa Mills sits for artist.

Lisa Mills, Operations Manager, ProComm Professional Communication Services, sits for artist.

Day Two

On day two, meetings and new OnviSource product overviews were conducted at the OnviSource headquarters. Members had the opportunity to meet the OnviSource family. They enjoyed putting a face to the “voice” of OnviSource staff that they regularly contact for customer service, support and other programs. Meeting in the new OnviSource training center, attendees were given a tour of OnviSource headquarters, including the call center operations, the data center, and the service and support center.

Open forum Q&A session.

Open forum Q&A session.

The afternoon session was dedicated to OnviCom, the new all-inclusive, software only and integrated suite of customer interaction applications and TAS products. A live demo and discussion of cost effective migration paths and re-usability of members existing investments concluded the session.

Day Three

The Annual Meeting ended on Day 3 with a morning round table that provided an open forum for all attendees to discuss any and all topics related to the TAS industry. Meaningful discussion was had with input coming from each participant. Discussion topics covered this year are as follows:

  • Concerns and projected consequences of an increase in the minimum wage across the U.S.
  • Advantages of using barter to gain new clients and incent employees
  • Revenue per minute
  • Importance of establishing your company in a niche market
  • OnviGuard installation, procedures and documentation for marketing to the end client

Great ideas were contributed for the 2017 meeting that will be held next April. Additional details related to the 2017 event will be announced at a later date. Immediately following the round table, OEO Association Director, Dan L’Heureux, presented a plaque of recognition and thanks to Darren McGillvrey for his dedication to the OEO Association as Board President.

Out-going OEO President, Darren_McGillvrey

Out-going OEO President, Darren McGillvrey

One of the meeting highlights was the election of new OEO Board President, Mr. James Galvin (below), Advance Communications, Inc.

OEO President James Galvin

James Galvin, President, OEO Association